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Where’s the sketchiest place you’ve filled your tank?

Whether it’s brand preference, proximity to home, or the quality of the coffee… We all have a go-to gas station. But sometimes (usually at 2am in the middle of nowhere) our hand is forced. You know the place. The lights are flickering. A rusty Texaco sign hangs by one chain, swinging and creaking in the wind. Next services 80 miles?

When you gotta stop, you gotta stop. Take this pop-up “filling station” in Mandalay (Burma). Not the picture of safety, but according to the mother of one of our associates (who snapped the photo), this is the norm for the area. Please extinguish your cigarette.

Where’s the sketchiest place you’ve ever filled up? Share your story in the comments below, then promise yourself you’ll never let it drop below 1/4 tank again.

Have fun in your garage!


  1. I suggest filtering your sketchy fuel through one of our Stay Soft Chamois. It will collect the water and big stuff and allow the fuel through.

  2. Costco

  3. A place called “EAT”. No problem though. Heck, in my younger days (late ’70’s) a Thornton’s in Detroit sold me gas and the next day, the car wouldn’t start. Looked at the clear glass fuel filter…… cracked with a chunk of gasoline colored ice inside. Very nice.

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