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Video: A Wild Ride: 36-Inch Hubless Wheels Meet A Rolls Royce Aircraft Engine

Say hello to the TMC Dumont, a wild prototype motorcycle with a flair for the dramatic. Beyond its scale, the bike’s whopping 36-inch hubless wheels and 300-horsepower Rolls Royce aircraft engine are the big attention grabbers. The motorcycle was built by Tarso Marques, a former F1 drive and renowned custom bike builder from Brazil.

The TMC stands for Tarso Marques Concept and the Dumont part of the name is a call out to Alberto Santos-Dumont, who many Brazilians believe beat the Wright Brothers into the clouds… hence the use of an airplane engine.

Motivation comes from a large-displacement, flat-six Rolls Royce Continental engine from the 1960s. Check out the video to see this beast under power cruising on city streets. Some observations… we never saw it take a turn and we cringed at the thought of the rider leaning too far back! Zikes!


  1. does it turn corners?

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